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Shock Air valve caps

Every shock needs one, so if you find yourself stealing a valve cap from the car or your kids bmx have a look at getting some of these.

For your suspension the valve cap is a backup to the valve due to the high pressures that occur in use. For this reason metal is the only way to go.

So what is happening with Enduro Bearings

What is happening with Enduro Bearings?
Enduro Bearings have recently appointed Lusty Industries as their exclusive distributor for Australia, so our 18 year relationship with Enduro has come to an end. We expect that Lusty will be able take good advantage of the brand recognition that has been built over the years and Enduro will have a strong presence in Australia.
All of our Enduro stock has been transferred to Lusty.
We'd like to take the opportunity to thank all our customers for their support over all that time and hopefully into the future.


A new addition to our BB tools is the XTR/XT BB tool from WCM
Double ended wrench for
XTR 39mm OD cups. BB93 M9000 Dura Ace BB9000
XT 41mm OD cups. M8000 Ultegra 11-speed 6800 series

Ti rotor bolts in colour

More headset bearings

Some more sizes in 1 1/8 headset bearings to add to our range.
click here to go to Headset bearing page

Ti Rotor Bolts

Just arrived. Titanium disk rotor bolts. A set of 6 weighs in at just over 7grams. All the benefits of Titanium at a reasonable price.

We will have more sizes in stock soon so keep an eye on this page. Titanium Bolts



Mavic Freehub repair bushings

Now you can keep your Mavic freehub performing like it should.

Previously Mavic freehubs required replacing when the nylon bushings wore out. We have always been able to supply bearings to help keep them spinning nicely and now we can provide replacement nylon bushings so your Mavics should keep running for many more years.

If you have a set of Mavic wheels you would already know how important it is to service the freehub regularly to remove any dirt etc and keep them lubed. Even doing this religiously does not stop the inevitable wear of the nylon bushing.

Made of high quality self lubricating material and precision made the bushings are made in standard sizing and a .003 oversize to suits worn hubs.